Scott Halbrook
Fantastic prices. The orange kush is great smoking some gmo today also really great. Why are you not shopping here best prices on flowers iv seen in the state. If you buy from other places your paying twice as much for half the weight and half the quality.
Zachary Case
I love there 50 dollar halfs:)
Renee Nieto
Great place , All staff is very knowledgeable answered all my questions. Made sure I left her shop happy. I was especially impressed with Jaymee she answered my questions and made sure I was happy when I left. I would recommend this shop and will return.
Roxanne Sanchez
Thank you for being apart of our city. We appreciate you! Yall have to give them a try
No BS! I genuinely like this place and the staff. The flower and prices are definitely better than a number of Dispos in the heights.
Isaiah Martinez
never once had a bad experience I have autism and people usually treat me different or look at me different because I struggle communicating or just being human these people are always extremely kind more than willing to help and don’t make you feel uncomfortable or feel rushed and the quality of their products are amazing as well as the selection I truly don’t understand why they aren’t 10x more popular I’ve been to plenty bad dispensary’s and this isn’t one
Robert Trujillo
Was a chill environment, got plenty of flower amd some jinja pills,can't wait to try
Eme Vallejos
Great flower great pricing will definitely be back!
Kareem Elbakkal
I walked into an amazing smell in the front door and was greeted kindly by the staff. After explaining what I was looking for, they told me a little background about the bud and what their business is all about. They even gave me a house-blend joint for a penny! Great guys. Great prices. Can’t ask for much more than that! Definitely will shop here again.